Group News

June 2018: Prof. Personick is awarded a Young Investigator Grant from the Army Research Office.

May 2018: Congratulations to Personick Lab graduating students Max Distler (BA ’18), Haeyoon Jung (BA ’17, MA ’18), Danny Robertson (BA ’18), and David Solti (BA ’18)!

Four graduating lab members and lab alumni will be starting PhD programs next fall:

  • Max Distler ’18 — Northwestern University, Chemistry
  • Danny Robertson ’18 — UCLA, Chemistry
  • David Solti ’18 — Rice University, Chemistry
  • Aidan Stone ’17 — Brown University, Chemical Engineering

Congratulations and good luck!

May 2018: The three graduating seniors in the Personick Lab are honored with departmental and university awards at the Chemistry Department Tishler Awards Luncheon:

  • Peirce Prize: Max Distler ’18
    • Awarded in successive years for excellence in biology, chemistry, and geology.
  • The Wallace C. Pringle Prize for Research in Chemistry: Danny Robertson ’18
    • Gift of Eleanor and Wallace Pringle and their family and friends. This prize is awarded annually by the Chemistry Department to a student for excellence in research (best honors thesis).
  • ACS Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry: David Solti ’18
    • Awarded to an undergraduate for excellence in inorganic chemistry research and coursework.
  • Graham Prize: Max Distler ’18
    • The gift of James Chandler Graham, Class of 1890, awarded to a member of the graduating class for excellence in natural science.
  • Karl Van Dyke Prize: Danny Robertson ’18
    • Awarded each year to one or more students majoring in physical science or having a predominant interest in physical science and technology and who show outstanding achievement in academic work and a promise of productivity in a professional career.

March 2018: Aidan’s paper on Synthetic Routes to Shaped AuPt Core–Shell Particles with Smooth Surfaces Based on Design Rules for Au Nanoparticle Growth is published in Particle. Congratulations, Aidan!

March 2018: Members of the Personick group travel to the ACS Spring National Meeting and have a productive and fun conference.

March 2018: Danny receives a student travel award from the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry to give a talk at the 2018 ACS Spring National Meeting. Congratulations, Danny!

January 2018: The Personick Group is excited to welcome the new SU5000 field-emission SEM to the newly renovated Wesleyan Microscopy Facility!

November 2017: Melissa’s paper on Defects by Design: Synthesis of Palladium Nanoparticles with Extended Twin Defects and Corrugated Surfaces is published in Nanoscale. Congratulations, Melissa!

October 2017: Danny’s paper on Concave Cubes as Experimental Models of Catalytic Active Sites for the Oxygen-Assisted Coupling of Alcohols by Dilute (Ag)Au Alloys is published in Topics in Catalysis. Congratulations, Danny!

September 2017: Prof. Personick is interviewed for the Wesleyan Faculty Spotlight.

August 2017: Prof. Personick’s proposal for a new field-emission SEM is funded by the NSF Major Research Instrumentation program.

July 2017: Melissa’s paper is highlighted in Advanced Science News.

July 2017: Prof. Personick is awarded a doctoral new investigator grant from the ACS Petroleum Research Fund.

May 2017: Melissa’s paper on Bimetallic Nanoparticles with Exotic Facet Structures via Iodide-Assisted Reduction of Palladium is featured on the cover of Particle.

May 2017: Five members of the Personick Lab are honored with departmental awards at the Chemistry Department Awards Luncheon:

  • ACS Connecticut Valley Section Award: Haeyoon Jung ’17
    • Awarded to a graduating chemistry major for outstanding achievement.
  • Bradley Prize: Aidan Stone ’17
    • Awarded to the senior or junior who excels in chemistry, particularly in special original work.
  • Martius Yellow Award: Max Distler ’18
    • Awarded for excellence in Integrated Lab (CHEM 375/576).
  • ACS Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry: Danny Robertson ’18
    • Awarded to an undergraduate for excellence in inorganic chemistry research and coursework.
  • Tishler Prize: Melissa King
    • Awarded annually to the best graduate teaching assistant in chemistry.

Congratulations Haeyoon, Aidan, Max, Danny, and Melissa!

April 2017: Melissa presented an excellent invited talk as part of Wesleyan’s Graduate Student Speaker Series.

March 2017: Melissa’s paper on Bimetallic Nanoparticles with Exotic Facet Structures via Iodide-Assisted Reduction of Palladium is published in Particle. Congratulations, Melissa!

February 2017: Prof. Personick’s review article on Selective Oxygen-Assisted Reactions of Alcohols and Amines Catalyzed by Metallic Gold is featured on the cover of ACS Catalysis.

July 2016: Aidan ’17 wins 2nd place in the inaugural Wesleyan Scientific Imaging Contest! Congratulations, Aidan!

June 2016: Prof. Personick receives the Victor K. Lamer Award from the ACS Colloid and Surface Science Division.

May 2016: Aidan ’17 receives the ACS Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry for excellence in inorganic chemistry research and coursework. Congratulations, Aidan!