Group News

January 2018: The Personick Group is excited to welcome the new SU5000 field-emission SEM to the newly renovated Wesleyan Microscopy Facility!

November 2017: Melissa’s paper on Defects by Design: Synthesis of Palladium Nanoparticles with Extended Twin Defects and Corrugated Surfaces is published in Nanoscale. Congratulations, Melissa!

October 2017: Danny’s paper on Concave Cubes as Experimental Models of Catalytic Active Sites for the Oxygen-Assisted Coupling of Alcohols by Dilute (Ag)Au Alloys is published in Topics in Catalysis. Congratulations, Danny!

September 2017: Prof. Personick is interviewed for the Wesleyan Faculty Spotlight.

August 2017: Prof. Personick’s proposal for a new field-emission SEM is funded by the NSF Major Research Instrumentation program.

July 2017: Melissa’s paper is highlighted in Advanced Science News.

July 2017: Prof. Personick is awarded a doctoral new investigator grant from the ACS Petroleum Research Fund.

May 2017: Melissa’s paper on Bimetallic Nanoparticles with Exotic Facet Structures via Iodide-Assisted Reduction of Palladium is featured on the cover of Particle.

May 2017: Five members of the Personick Lab are honored with departmental awards at the Chemistry Department Awards Luncheon:

  • ACS Connecticut Valley Section Award: Haeyoon Jung ’17
    • Awarded to a graduating chemistry major for outstanding achievement.
  • Bradley Prize: Aidan Stone ’17
    • Awarded to the senior or junior who excels in chemistry, particularly in special original work.
  • Martius Yellow Award: Max Distler ’18
    • Awarded for excellence in Integrated Lab (CHEM 375/576).
  • ACS Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry: Danny Robertson ’18
    • Awarded to an undergraduate for excellence in inorganic chemistry research and coursework.
  • Tishler Prize: Melissa King
    • Awarded annually to the best graduate teaching assistant in chemistry.

Congratulations Haeyoon, Aidan, Max, Danny, and Melissa!

April 2017: Melissa presented an excellent invited talk as part of Wesleyan’s Graduate Student Speaker Series.

March 2017: Melissa’s paper on Bimetallic Nanoparticles with Exotic Facet Structures via Iodide-Assisted Reduction of Palladium is published in Particle. Congratulations, Melissa!

February 2017: Prof. Personick’s review article on Selective Oxygen-Assisted Reactions of Alcohols and Amines Catalyzed by Metallic Gold is featured on the cover of ACS Catalysis.

July 2016: Aidan ’17 wins 2nd place in the inaugural Wesleyan Scientific Imaging Contest! Congratulations, Aidan!

June 2016: Prof. Personick receives the Victor K. Lamer Award from the ACS Colloid and Surface Science Division.

May 2016: Aidan ’17 receives the ACS Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry for excellence in inorganic chemistry research and coursework. Congratulations, Aidan!